Sunstone Acceptance provides affordable at-need financing to the funeral industry

May 8th, 2013 – Charleston, SC: East Bridge Funding (EAST BRIDGE) has expanded its at-need funeral financing program and is now marketing the program exclusively to the funeral home industry under the name Sunstone Acceptance (Sunstone). Sunstone provides funeral homes with ability to offer their families a closed-end, fixed-rate installment loan to pay for funeral expenses at the time of need. The program is non-recourse to the funeral home and is available in all 50 states.

“The funeral industry is a great opportunity for us,” said Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director of East Bridge Funding. “There are not a lot of true at-need financing options out there for funeral homes. Most of the programs we have seen are billing and servicing or account management programs and the few standard loan programs that do exist are priced for marginal credit or second look financing. While these options can be useful to funeral homes, we felt that the industry needed a solution that offers the same type of pricing and terms to funeral homes and debtors that you would expect from a major bank finance program. Through this program we are able to offer families the security of having a an affordable monthly payment on a fixed rate installment loan while keeping the cost to the funeral home at a minimum”.

The Sunstone Acceptance financing program can be used by any participating funeral home that has access to the web. Applications are submitted online and decisions are generated within minutes. The paperwork can be executed in the funeral home or can be sent to the family member electronically for execution via email. “To be effective we knew the program had to not only offer attractive terms, but had to also be easy to use for both the funeral home and the family,” said Mr. O’Connor. “Our program has also benefitted from having a funding partner who has a strong reputation for providing excellent service to debtors. We couldn’t be happier to be able to offer this program to the industry”.

About Sunstone Acceptance

Sunstone Acceptance is an East Bridge Funding affiliate that specializes in at-need funeral financing programs for use in the funeral industry. Programs range from prime to non-prime credit and are available to funeral homes in all 50 states.

About East Bridge Funding

East Bridge Funding is a professional organization that builds and markets unsecured consumer finance solutions. Clients range from small businesses to large corporations. Other services include installment contract funding, accounts receivable financing, private label credit card programs, account servicing, and bad debt collections.

For more information visit or contact Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director at 843-971-7541, [email protected].