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I n today’s tightening credit markets, it has been more and more difficult for businesses to get customers approved through conventional finance programs. East Bridge Funding has been pioneering unique consumer finance programs since 2007 and is able to assist retailers and service providers by utilizing its powerful capital network.  The East Bridge Funding Network™ contains the nation’s top banks, finance companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, debt buyers, and servicing companies. Through these important relationships, East Bridge is able to offer their clients the most versatile and aggressive consumer finance programs available.

O ur approach to consumer finance is to make the most out of every receivable. This is done by creating tiered programs that are more credit inclusive. These programs can be utilized by good credit borrowers as well as sub prime or second look borrowers. East Bridge realizes that credit score shouldn’t be the sole judge of credit worthiness and strives to create programs that factor in other considerations for approval, not just a credit score. This is extremely important for the success of sub prime consumer finance programs or second look programs.

E ast Bridge traditionally builds and markets consumer programs for most unsecured products or services.  These programs are designed specifically for a particular client or industry and are offered through our subsidiary brands. Consumer finance programs for merchants selling products or services outside of the medical industry are marketed through Variant Financial™ while our patient finance division is called  SimpleSelect Patient Finance®.  In addition, East Bridge is closely affiliated with At Need Credit, a consumer program developed to help families pay for funeral expenses.


T he majority of the consumer finance programs East Bridge Funding creates and markets are done so through its subsidiary Variant Finance.  Variant is home to the largest variety of financing programs available in the United States including Prime, Sub-Prime, and Tertiary.

Consumer Finance Programs

Highlite Education Loans™

H ighlite Education Loans is a tutoring financing program that offers simple and safe finance options to parents looking to purchase tutoring services or other after school education programs for their child. The program is provided through educators in all 50 states.

Consumer Finance Programs


S impleSelect Patient Finance® is a consumer finance program that can be used to finance a wide variety of elective medical services, procedures, and products including cosmetic surgery, LASIK, dental and orthodontics, chiropractic services, veterinary services, and hearing aids.

Consumer Finance Programs


M oving.Loans™ works with moving companies their customer base to provide moving and relocation loans with affordable payment. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, Moving.Loans offers the moving loan you need to get there. Affordable rates and flexible payment terms.

Consumer Finance Programs


Funeral Payment Plans for At Need Families

F was created to aid families in paying for the costs of funeral services “at need”.  The program provides access to funeral loans with affordable payments terms to family members with a wide range of credit risks.

Consumer Finance Programs
Programs that Work for Businesses Large and Small

East Bridge has been building and managing consumer programs in a wide variety of industries since 2007. Our clients range from businesses doing $1 Million in annual revenue to Fortune 500 companies. East Bridge’s network contains over $1 Billion in capital for the consumer financing programs we develop and market.