Highlite offers simple, competitive, and safe loan options to parents looking to finance the purchase of tutoring services or other after school education programs for their child.

East Bridge Funding (EAST BRIDGE) has announced the launch of a consumer-lending program for the tutoring and after school education industry. Highlite Education Loans offers parents the simplest and safest loan option available for financing the purchase of education services for their child. Educators in all 50 states can now enroll in the program to offer Highlite’s loan options to the families they serve.

East Bridge successfully brought the “simple and safe” loan model to the patient finance industry in 2013 with SimpleSelect Patient Finance® and is now using that winning formula in the education market.

“We are very excited to be able to offer the tutoring industry the same great loan options and platform we have spent years developing at SimpleSelect,” said Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director of East Bridge Funding. “With Highlite, parents can finance the purchase of tutoring services with confidence and get a safe, competitive offer with no gotcha language. All of our applicants know the exact terms of their loan before they apply. No gimmicks, no surprises. Just simple and safe.”

Highlite feels it is important to offer families affordable loan options in a responsible manner by limiting the length of the term on interest bearing loans and getting rid of default interest rates that often accompany 0% offers. Parents applying for a Highlite loan are given two simple options: a low, fixed-interest 24 month loan for the family on a budget, or a 0% loan for the family who can pay off the balance in 6 or 12 months. Mr. O’Connor explained that Highlite does not offer loan promotions like most financing companies: “With financing promotions, there is always a catch. A 0% interest promotion only means 0% if you follow the terms of the promotion to the letter and those terms are purposely designed to make it tough to keep in good standing. Our Highlite Zero™ loans are written at 0% annual percentage rate so the debtor pays no interest…ever. That’s easy for any parent to understand.”

The loan application and signing process has been built from the ground up for simplicity and ease of use. Highlite educators are assigned a provider code to identify their business during the application process. Parents can apply for a Highlite tutoring loan by visiting http://www.tutoringloans.com on any smart device or computer, clicking the “apply now” button, and entering their educator’s code. Once the amount financed is inputted, parents will immediately be shown loan options along with the corresponding monthly payments. After choosing the option they are most comfortable with, they can complete the simple application. Upon approval, loan documents can be signed electronically and the educator is funded in as little as 24 hours. The family’s first payment is due approximately 30 days later.

About East Bridge Funding
East Bridge Funding is a highly respected professional organization that specializes in putting capital to work in the consumer financing and receivables management space. Since 2007, East Bridge has helped over 300 businesses with their consumer financing needs and has worked with more than 40 lending institutions.

For more information visit https://eastbridgefunding.com or contact Daniel O’Connor, Managing Director at 843-971-7541, doconnor(at)eastbridgefunding(dot)com.