Budgeting for a big move can be hard. So many unexpected expenses can pop up that even the expected ones such as paying for a mover can put consumers over budget and delay a move. Whether moving for a new job opportunity or just a change of scenery, having financial flexibility during a big move can be important. Relying too heavily on credit cards to pay for moving expenses can result in higher than expected interest and/or payments that can be difficult to plan for.

Moving.Loans offers fixed interest, fixed payment loan options for consumers of various credit levels to help with the financial burden of relocating. Consumers can apply for various moving loans within minutes on a single application and receive an offer without an impact to their credit score. Accepting a loan offer is up to the consumer with no adverse effects if they choose to go a different direction.

Moving.Loans is going to be more than just a direct-to-consumer loan program that incorporates a bunch of lenders without any thought or plan. We’re going to curate which lenders are most appropriate for our customer base and for our merchant partners. Throwing a ton of different offers at a consumer, we think, just causes confusion. For example, we’ll be offering fixed payment, fixed interest loan options. A fixed payment can be important to a consumer that will be facing a different salary or wage along with different housing costs when they reach their new destination.

We’ll also be providing a lot of value adding proponents for our merchant partners like white labeling and reporting at no cost and will continue adding benefits as we get further down the road and hear more feedback from our partners and consumers. Movers, realtors, and other service providers that deal with relocating consumers on a regular basis will all be businesses we’ll look to partner with.

We’re hoping Moving.Loans will add to to our already successful basket of brands including Simple Patient Finance, Variant Financial, and HighLite Loans. We’re taking a slightly different approach that, if successful, we’ll branch into other verticals such as travel.